Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Design War?

The Situation: Zoe_Couture was spotted at an exclusive MDM party.

What she wore: Zoe wore a fabulous gown which no one had seen before. When asked which designer created it, she said ''You'll just have to wait and see.''

Zoe later revealed that the gown was from her new fashion line ''Zoe Couture'' and that the collection will be released by the New Year.

The problem: 20 minutes after she revealed that her new line would be released, Zoe received a threat in letter form during the party which read ''Your line will not be releasing, trust me.''

Zoe seemed upset that someone at the party would not support her as everyone at the party were close friends of hers. Insiders believe that the threat was sent by party attendee Style_Magazine who is also planning to release her new designs in the New Year.

Who are you supporting??

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